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Accurate Measurement of Capsulorhexis (F60)
Malavazzi, Gustavo
AlphaCor Artificial Cornea in Failed Corneal Graft (F58)
John, Thomas
AquaLase in Hard Nucleus (F57)
Jodai, Horácio
Control of Irrigation Flow in the Anterior Chamber During Phacoemulsification with the Help of a Newly Designed Pump (F63)
Patel, Amratlal
Effect of Shaving Endothelial Meshwork on Intraocular Pressure Reduction in Open-Angle Glaucoma (F61)
Nagahara, Miyuki
Efficient Cutting Without a Sharp Edge: The Improved Safety of Rounded Phaco Needles (F54)
Dewey, Steven
Novel Artificial Iris (F59)
Kranemann, Christoph
Ode to the Iris Retractor (F53)
Ahmed, Ike
Phaco Tips: Fluid Turbulence, Cavitational Energy, and Temperature Changes (F55)
Fernandez de Castro, Luis
Surgeon-Directed Irrigation (F56)
Hart, John
Tunnel Vision? No More (F62)
Narasimhan, Smita

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