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19 G (F117)
Bovet, Jérôme
25-Gauge Vitrectomy Under Topical Anesthesia for Postoperative Endophthalmitis: A Pilot Study (F8)
Raju, Biju
3-D Bimanual Microincision Phacoemulsification (F67)
Ganem, Stephan
A New Inverse Technique for Cionni Ring Implantation (F18)
Krishna, Pravin
Aberrations in Tilted IOLs (F65)
Faria, Marco Antonio
Accommodative Arching (F77)
Waltz, Kevin
Accurate Measurement of Capsulorhexis (F60)
Malavazzi, Gustavo
Advances in Screening Patients for Refractive Surgery (F136)
Ambrósio, Renato
Advantage of Vertical Divide (F110)
Sugiura, Takeshi
AlphaCor Artificial Cornea in Failed Corneal Graft (F58)
John, Thomas
An Eye for a Drumstick (F153)
Rajan, Mohan
Anatomy and Physiology of Posterior Zonules and Their Relation to the Sarfarazi Theory of Accommodation (F126)
Sarfarazi, F. Mona
Any Way You Can (F84)
Cazal, Jorge
Apodized: Vision As It Should Be (F69)
Kaufer, Robert
AquaLase in Hard Nucleus (F57)
Jodai, Horácio
AquaLase: A Different Approach to Phacoemulsification (F12)
Amias, Vicente
Art of Staining the Anterior Capsule During Cataract Surgery (F44)
Marques, Frederico
Artificial Corneal Transplants: Pearls and Pitfalls (F146)
Gulani, Arun
Artiflex: Flexible Iris-Claw pIOL for the Correction of Myopia (F68)
Izak, Milan
Assessment of IOL Aberrations with the OPD-Scan Using an Experimental Eye Model (F50)
Reuland, Mirjam
Automated Lamellar Keratoplasty for Band Keratopathy in Combined Anterior Segment and Vitreoretinal Surgery Procedures (F88)
Fontana, Luigi
Automated Lamellar Therapeutic Keratectomy Using the Moria LSK-1 Microkeratome and the Artificial Anterior Chamber (F144)
Erlanger, Michael
Avoiding the Argentine Flag Sign (F123)
Inamura, Mikio
Battle of the Bulge (F130)
Jacob, Soosan
Biaxial Cataract Surgery for Difficult Cases (F28)
Varas-Prieto, Jose
Bimanual Microincision Phaco in the Post-RK Eye (F47)
Packer, Mark
Bimanual Phaco with a Difference (F9)
Smiles, John
Bimanual Phacoemulsification: The Wise Choice in Subluxated Cataracts (F45)
Mathen, Minu
Biomechanics of Intacs on Ectasia (F111)
Swanson, Mark
Casanova and the Spitfire Pilots: The Highlights (F157)
Williams, Hugh
Cataract Surgery in Vitrectomized Eyes (F14)
Chakrabarti, Meena
Changes in Macular Thickness Before and After 2.0 mm Incision Cataract Surgery: Comparison of Diabetic and Nondiabetic Groups (F125)
Nakai, Yoshihide
Cionni Ring and Posterior Capsulorhexis in Ectopia Lentis (F16)
González del Valle, Fernando
Cliff Hanger (F1)
Agarwal, Athiya
Clinical and Surgical Pearls for Use of the ReSTOR IOL (F33)
Di Pascuale, Mario
Coaxial to Biaxial Phacoemulsification: Performing Your Transition (F21)
Lesieur, Gilles
Combined Sutureless Surgery (F85)
Chang, Cheng-Jong
Conquering Extreme Ametropias with Iris-Fixated Phakic IOLs (F73)
Ossma-Gomez, Ivan
Contrast Sensitivity Test: A Fallacy (F156)
Shroff, Ashok
Control of Irrigation Flow in the Anterior Chamber During Phacoemulsification with the Help of a Newly Designed Pump (F63)
Patel, Amratlal
Controlling Intracapsular Pressure to Facilitate Capsulorhexis (F41)
Kotlus, Brett
Cool Bimanual Phaco and Pupilloplasty in Complicated Cataract with Nuvita Phakic IOL (F29)
Yassin, Hazem
Corneal Ectasia: Treatment and Prevention (F132)
Marotta, Heriberto
Cosmetic Artificial Iris (F95)
Kahn, Delary
Cutting Fibrovascular Membranes and Doing Pupilloplasty in a Variety of Traumatic, Inflammatory, and Congenital Conditions with Fugo Blade (F108)
Singh, Daljit
Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty Using the Big-Bubble Technique in Keratoconus (F87)
Fogla, Rajesh
Deep Sclerectomy and Optical Coherence Tomography (F159)
Zarco Tejada, José
Difficulties and Complications of Deep Lamellar Keratoplasty (F80)
Ahmed, Sherief
Effect of Shaving Endothelial Meshwork on Intraocular Pressure Reduction in Open-Angle Glaucoma (F61)
Nagahara, Miyuki
Efficient Cutting Without a Sharp Edge: The Improved Safety of Rounded Phaco Needles (F54)
Dewey, Steven
Endocapsular Equator Ring in the Human Eye (F147)
Hara, Tsutomu
Endothelial Cells Protection with an Intraocular Shield During Phacoemulsification (F155)
Ruiz-Esmenjaud, Sergio
Epi-LASIK in Trouble (F134)
Soler-Ferrandez, Fernando
Evaluation of Blue-Blocking IOLs Including a New Photochromatic IOL (F71)
Mamalis, Nick
Experimental Model for Corneal Healing in Chicken Eyes (F34)
Fabiani, Larisa
Eye'm Sorry (F143)
Dillman, David
Femtosecond Laser-Assisted Penetrating Keratoplasty (F93)
Holzer, Mike
Femtosecond Laser-Assisted Wedge Resection to Correct High Residual Astigmatism After Penetrating Keratoplasty (F90)
Ghanem, Ramon
Fugo Blade: A New Technology to Perform Paradigm-Shifting Surgical Techniques to Address Pathology in a Quicker and Safer Way (F89)
Fugo, Richard
Hello Again Bimanual (F24)
Ouchi, Masayuki
Hook Technique for MICS (F114)
Vergés, Carlos
Horizontal Pull Technique for Recovery of Peripherally Extending Capsulorhexis (F6)
Lewyckyj, Myron
How to Implant Toric IOLs (F74)
Rabsilber, Tanja
Hydrodissection: Is It Really Safe? (F150)
Minami, Noriyoshi
IFIS: Improved Flexible Intraoperative Strategy (F2)
Allen, David
Implementation of AquaLase in Microincision Cataract Surgery (F92)
Hamza, Ismail
Improving Visual and Anatomical Results of Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty with the Femtosecond Laser in Donor and Recipient Tissues (F102)
Naranjo-Tackman, Ramón
In-the-Bag Procedure for Successful Cataract Surgery (F124)
Lim, Seung
Infusion Tip Prechop: A New Manual Prechop Phacofragmentation Option (F104)
Onnis, Roger
Injection of Antibiotic, Steroid, and Inflammatory Agents During Cataract Surgery: Farewell to Eyedrops (F48)
Pandey, Suresh
Integral Approach to Traumatic Cataracts (F27)
Torres, Luis
Intracorneal Segment in Patients with Ectasia Post LASIK (F129)
Guillen, Pamela
Intracorneal Segments Extrusion in Post-LASIK Patients: Another Complication in an Already Complicated Eye (F128)
De Obaldia-Farruggia, Ilka
Intumescent Mature Cataract: Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment (F4)
Centurion, Virgilio
Iris Fixation of a Posterior Chamber IOL Through an Injector Using a 3.0 mm Incision (F23)
Narvaez, Julio
Iris-Claw IOL on Back Surface of Iris in the Absense of Adequate Post Capsular Support (F26)
Shah, Ramesh
Irrigation Flow and Followability in Bimanual Microphaco and PEA (F17)
Hijikuro, Kazuko
Jackhammer or Cavitation: The Final Answer (F30)
Zacharias, Jaime
Keratoconus Treatment (F37)
Fukasaku, Hideharu
Lamellar Keratoplasty with the IntraLase Femtosecond Laser (F91)
Goldman, David
Lateral Thinking for Corneal Surgeons--Literally (F112)
Tan, Donald
Malformation of the Capsular Bag or of the Lens--Maybe Both: Presentation of a New Lens Disease (F145)
Freitas, Lincoln
Management and Implantation of Acri.Flex 62 Tor-i: First Customized and Individually Produced Toric IOL (F75)
Rasch, Volker
Management of Iris Prolapse during Phacoemulsification (F5)
Devgan, Uday
Management of Traumatic Subluxated Cataracts (F25)
Raju, Narayanan
Microcoaxial Phaco (F10)
Akahoshi, Takayuki
Microincision Cataract Surgery Combined with Sutureless Vitrectomy (F158)
Yamakawa, Ryoji
Microphaco in White Cataract (F31)
Chakrabarti, Arup
Mission Impossible: Teaching Cataract Surgery (F39)
Henderson, Bonnie
More Pearls and Pitfalls in Deep Endothelial Keratoplasty (F51)
Schultze, Robert
Mushroom Keratoplasty with Minimum Endothelial Transplantation for the Treatment of Full-Thickness Corneal Opacities (F83)
Busin, Massimo
Near-Infrared Operation Microscope for Lightless Cataract Surgery (F96)
Kim, Bong-Hyun
Necrotizing Scleritis Following Pterygium Surgery: Diagnostic Dilemna (F154)
Ramamurthy, Balasubramanya
Neurotrophic Keratitis in Children: Different Faces (F141)
Chatterjee, Samrat
New Flomax Tricks (F35)
Fine, I. Howard
New Haptic Design of Foldable Acrylic IOL for Transscleral Sulcus Fixation (F72)
Nishihara, Hitoshi
New Option to Manage Aphakia (F66)
Franca Alves, Eduardo
New Technique in the Implantation of the SA60AT (F94)
Iwase, Takeshi
New Treatment Option for Keratoconus: Implantation of Intracorneal Ring Segments with Support of Femtec Femtosecond Laser (F113)
Tomalla, Mark
Ninety-Nine Deep Balloons (F103)
Núñez Sánchez, Agustín
Novel Artificial Iris (F59)
Kranemann, Christoph
Observing the Invisible (F86)
Domene, Jorge
Ocular Endoscopy: New Approach to Analyze Specialized IOLs (F70)
Kleinmann, Guy
Ode to the Iris Retractor (F53)
Ahmed, Ike
One-Handed AquaLase Prechop Technique in Hard Nucleus Cataract (F100)
Montenegro, Tamara
Overcoming Flomax-Suggested Strategies and Techniques (F109)
Sterling, Steven
Pediatric Cataract Surprises (F3)
Auffarth, Gerd
Perfecting Your Curves: Mastering Bimanual Phacoemulsification (F127)
Sivagnanam, Soundari
Petaloid Capsulotomy (F98)
Kumar, Praveen
Phaco Tips: Fluid Turbulence, Cavitational Energy, and Temperature Changes (F55)
Fernandez de Castro, Luis
Phacoemulsification in Subluxated Cataracts (F20)
Kumar, Ashok
Pneumatic Trabeculoplasty: New Procedure for the Treatment of POAG, Pigmentary Glaucoma, and Ocular Hypertension (F149)
LiVecchi, John
Possible Alternative for the Correction of Cataract Associated with High and Irregular Astigmatism in a Single Functional Eye (F135)
Almodin, Edna
Posterior Fixation of Aphakic Iris-Claw IOL and Penetrating Keratoplasty (F64)
Bosc, Jean-Michel
Posterior Polar Cataracts (F115)
Agarwal, Sunita
Potential Risks of Phakic IOL (F131)
Lorenzo, Jorge
Premise of Clear Corneal Tunnel Incision in Phacoemulsification for Beginning Cataract Surgeons (F119)
Choi, Eun Su
Pupilloplasty and Purse-String Suture (F40)
Kim, Wan-Soo
Refractive Phacovitrectomy (F140)
Asis Vainer, Oscar
Repair of In-the-Bag IOL Decentration from Zonular Dialysis (F76)
Vann, Robin
Repositioning Intrastromal Segments Using a Deep Tunnel Created with a Femtosecond Laser (F133)
Ruiz-Quintero, Narlly
Revolutionary New Locomotor Technique of Microsleeved Microphaco in Suprahard Cataracts: The New Avatar in Phaco Surgery (F46)
Mehta, Keiki
Russian Solution to Small-Pupil Phaco and Tamsulosin Floppy-Iris Syndrome (F7)
Malyugin, Boris
Safety Goggles: Are They Really That Safe? (F32)
Davidorf, Jonathan
Scleral Fixation of Posterior Chamber Foldable IOLs: Intraoperative Pearls and Pitfalls (F11)
Alvarez de Toledo, Juan
Sealing the Cataract Incision Using Intracorneal Antibiotic Injection (F22)
McDonald, James
Secondary IOL in Children: The Ideal Way (F19)
Krishnamachary, Murali
Shedding Light on Decentered Ablation Management: Computer Modeling to the Rescue (F137)
Gatinel, Damien
Simple Technique to Prevent Haptic Sticking to Optic After Implantation of AcrySof Single-Piece IOLs (F36)
Fonseka, Charith
Simultaneous Cataract Phacoemulsification and Implantation of Phakic IOL (F138)
Scorolli, Lucia
Simultaneous Eyelid Surgery and Phacoemulsification (F81)
Bernal-Uruchurtu, Gertrudis
Single-Haptic Capsular Tension Ring for Ectopia Lentis (F52)
Villar-Kuri, Jorge
Sub 1.0 mm Cataract Surgery (F79)
Agarwal, Amar
Surgeon-Directed Irrigation (F56)
Hart, John
Surgical Correction of Astigmatism to Achieve 20/20 Uncorrected (F120)
Febbraro, Jean-Luc
Surgical Management of Endophthalmitis (F42)
Lake, Jonathan
Surgical Strategies for Easy and Safe Implantation of Verisyse IOL (F13)
Beltrame, Giorgio
Tear-Out Retrieval: A Mystery Unfolds (F43)
Little, Brian
Ten-Year Revolution in Cataract Surgery and Surgical Reconstruction of Ocular Surface in Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (F82)
Bissen-Miyajima, Hiroko
The Adult Cataract: Do You See What I See? (F152)
Osher, Robert
The Good Old Days: Intracapsular in 2005? (F38)
Guerrero, Jose
The Surge (F97)
Kishimoto, Makoto
To Fish Without Ripples: New, Safe, Atraumatic Way to Remove Posteriorly Dislocated Lens in Cases at High Risk for Retinal Detachment (F49)
Pillai, Gopal
Transcanicular Laser Dacryocystorhinostomy (F107)
Shah, Rupal
Tridimensional Analysis of Corneal Topography (F122)
Haber, Alberto
Triple Procedure: Surgical Considerations in Patients Having Cataract Surgery with Descemet's Stripping Endothelial Keratoplasty (F101)
Morris, Carrie
True Revolution in AquaLase: Perinuclear Bowl Technique (F99)
Malauzat, Olivier
Trypan Blue in Glaucoma (F139)
Agrawal, Shishir
Trypan-Blue-Assisted Nonpenetrating Deep Sclerectomy for Open-Angle Glaucoma (F105)
Reddy, J.K.
Tunnel Vision? No More (F62)
Narasimhan, Smita
Tunnel-Assisted Deep Lamellar Keratoplasty (F106)
Rodriguez, Luis
Vacuum Free Cleaner Technique to Reduce PCO (F148)
Lee, Do Hyung
Video Analysis of the Effects of Akahoshi Prechopping on the Capsular Bag and Zonular Complex (F15)
Crandall, Alan
Virtual Meeting: A New Approach for Continuing Medical Education (F118)
Casanova, Fabio
Viscogonioplasty: A Real Eye Opener in Narrow-Angle Phacoemulsification (F78)
Adams, Wendy
Vitamin A and the Eye: Public Education (F121)
Gangopadhyay, Nibaran
We Could Catch Wieger's Ligament Without Staining (F151)
Miyoshi, Teruyuki
What Happened to My Graft! (F116)
Barthakur, Arundhati
What's Beyond the Blue-Blocked Life? (F142)
Dick, H. Burkhard

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