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Refractive Complications

Battle of the Bulge (F130)
Jacob, Soosan
Corneal Ectasia: Treatment and Prevention (F132)
Marotta, Heriberto
Epi-LASIK in Trouble (F134)
Soler-Ferrandez, Fernando
Intracorneal Segment in Patients with Ectasia Post LASIK (F129)
Guillen, Pamela
Intracorneal Segments Extrusion in Post-LASIK Patients: Another Complication in an Already Complicated Eye (F128)
De Obaldia-Farruggia, Ilka
Potential Risks of Phakic IOL (F131)
Lorenzo, Jorge
Repositioning Intrastromal Segments Using a Deep Tunnel Created with a Femtosecond Laser (F133)
Ruiz-Quintero, Narlly

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