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Cataract/Implant Surgery

A New Inverse Technique for Cionni Ring Implantation (F18)
Krishna, Pravin
AquaLase: A Different Approach to Phacoemulsification (F12)
Amias, Vicente
Biaxial Cataract Surgery for Difficult Cases (F28)
Varas-Prieto, Jose
Cataract Surgery in Vitrectomized Eyes (F14)
Chakrabarti, Meena
Cionni Ring and Posterior Capsulorhexis in Ectopia Lentis (F16)
González del Valle, Fernando
Coaxial to Biaxial Phacoemulsification: Performing Your Transition (F21)
Lesieur, Gilles
Cool Bimanual Phaco and Pupilloplasty in Complicated Cataract with Nuvita Phakic IOL (F29)
Yassin, Hazem
Hello Again Bimanual (F24)
Ouchi, Masayuki
Integral Approach to Traumatic Cataracts (F27)
Torres, Luis
Iris Fixation of a Posterior Chamber IOL Through an Injector Using a 3.0 mm Incision (F23)
Narvaez, Julio
Iris-Claw IOL on Back Surface of Iris in the Absense of Adequate Post Capsular Support (F26)
Shah, Ramesh
Irrigation Flow and Followability in Bimanual Microphaco and PEA (F17)
Hijikuro, Kazuko
Jackhammer or Cavitation: The Final Answer (F30)
Zacharias, Jaime
Management of Traumatic Subluxated Cataracts (F25)
Raju, Narayanan
Microcoaxial Phaco (F10)
Akahoshi, Takayuki
Phacoemulsification in Subluxated Cataracts (F20)
Kumar, Ashok
Scleral Fixation of Posterior Chamber Foldable IOLs: Intraoperative Pearls and Pitfalls (F11)
Alvarez de Toledo, Juan
Sealing the Cataract Incision Using Intracorneal Antibiotic Injection (F22)
McDonald, James
Secondary IOL in Children: The Ideal Way (F19)
Krishnamachary, Murali
Surgical Strategies for Easy and Safe Implantation of Verisyse IOL (F13)
Beltrame, Giorgio
Video Analysis of the Effects of Akahoshi Prechopping on the Capsular Bag and Zonular Complex (F15)
Crandall, Alan

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