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Cataract/Implant Surgery

F10: Microcoaxial Phaco
Akahoshi, Takayuki
F11: Scleral Fixation of Posterior Chamber Foldable IOLs: Intraoperative Pearls and Pitfalls
Alvarez de Toledo, Juan
F12: AquaLase: A Different Approach to Phacoemulsification
Amias, Vicente
F13: Surgical Strategies for Easy and Safe Implantation of Verisyse IOL
Beltrame, Giorgio
F14: Cataract Surgery in Vitrectomized Eyes
Chakrabarti, Meena
F15: Video Analysis of the Effects of Akahoshi Prechopping on the Capsular Bag and Zonular Complex
Crandall, Alan
F16: Cionni Ring and Posterior Capsulorhexis in Ectopia Lentis
González del Valle, Fernando
F17: Irrigation Flow and Followability in Bimanual Microphaco and PEA
Hijikuro, Kazuko
F18: A New Inverse Technique for Cionni Ring Implantation
Krishna, Pravin
F19: Secondary IOL in Children: The Ideal Way
Krishnamachary, Murali
F20: Phacoemulsification in Subluxated Cataracts
Kumar, Ashok
F21: Coaxial to Biaxial Phacoemulsification: Performing Your Transition
Lesieur, Gilles
F22: Sealing the Cataract Incision Using Intracorneal Antibiotic Injection
McDonald, James
F23: Iris Fixation of a Posterior Chamber IOL Through an Injector Using a 3.0 mm Incision
Narvaez, Julio
F24: Hello Again Bimanual
Ouchi, Masayuki
F25: Management of Traumatic Subluxated Cataracts
Raju, Narayanan
F26: Iris-Claw IOL on Back Surface of Iris in the Absense of Adequate Post Capsular Support
Shah, Ramesh
F27: Integral Approach to Traumatic Cataracts
Torres, Luis
F28: Biaxial Cataract Surgery for Difficult Cases
Varas-Prieto, Jose
F29: Cool Bimanual Phaco and Pupilloplasty in Complicated Cataract with Nuvita Phakic IOL
Yassin, Hazem
F30: Jackhammer or Cavitation: The Final Answer
Zacharias, Jaime

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