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In-House Productions (not sponsored)

Art of Staining the Anterior Capsule During Cataract Surgery (F44)
Marques, Frederico
Assessment of IOL Aberrations with the OPD-Scan Using an Experimental Eye Model (F50)
Reuland, Mirjam
Bimanual Microincision Phaco in the Post-RK Eye (F47)
Packer, Mark
Bimanual Phacoemulsification: The Wise Choice in Subluxated Cataracts (F45)
Mathen, Minu
Clinical and Surgical Pearls for Use of the ReSTOR IOL (F33)
Di Pascuale, Mario
Controlling Intracapsular Pressure to Facilitate Capsulorhexis (F41)
Kotlus, Brett
Experimental Model for Corneal Healing in Chicken Eyes (F34)
Fabiani, Larisa
Injection of Antibiotic, Steroid, and Inflammatory Agents During Cataract Surgery: Farewell to Eyedrops (F48)
Pandey, Suresh
Keratoconus Treatment (F37)
Fukasaku, Hideharu
Microphaco in White Cataract (F31)
Chakrabarti, Arup
Mission Impossible: Teaching Cataract Surgery (F39)
Henderson, Bonnie
More Pearls and Pitfalls in Deep Endothelial Keratoplasty (F51)
Schultze, Robert
New Flomax Tricks (F35)
Fine, I. Howard
Pupilloplasty and Purse-String Suture (F40)
Kim, Wan-Soo
Revolutionary New Locomotor Technique of Microsleeved Microphaco in Suprahard Cataracts: The New Avatar in Phaco Surgery (F46)
Mehta, Keiki
Safety Goggles: Are They Really That Safe? (F32)
Davidorf, Jonathan
Simple Technique to Prevent Haptic Sticking to Optic After Implantation of AcrySof Single-Piece IOLs (F36)
Fonseka, Charith
Single-Haptic Capsular Tension Ring for Ectopia Lentis (F52)
Villar-Kuri, Jorge
Surgical Management of Endophthalmitis (F42)
Lake, Jonathan
Tear-Out Retrieval: A Mystery Unfolds (F43)
Little, Brian
The Good Old Days: Intracapsular in 2005? (F38)
Guerrero, Jose
To Fish Without Ripples: New, Safe, Atraumatic Way to Remove Posteriorly Dislocated Lens in Cases at High Risk for Retinal Detachment (F49)
Pillai, Gopal

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